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Mothers of Invention

Sep 17, 2018

This episode serves up an all-you-can-eat investigation into food and its connection to climate. We meet Mothers of Invention in India, Nigeria and the US who are revolutionising the way we understand, protect, grow, and cook food around the world.

Mary and Maeve learn that cows must not be given their own nation, discuss their good intentions to go vegetarian but also hear that this is an opportunity for the world to scale back from industrial farming for the good of all.


This week’s Mothers of Invention are:

Dr Vandana Shiva - Delhi, India

World-renowned author, activist, pioneer, scientific advisor, food sovereignty advocate and seed saver. Eco-feminist. Blew our minds.

Learning more about Dr Shiva’s work and agroecology at

Dr. Katharine Wilkinson - Atlanta, USA

Lead writer of the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming (no big deal)

Bestselling author, speaker and strategist, now working to spread the book’s message as Vice President of Communication & Engagement at Project Drawdown,

Blessing Ekanem - Ayo, Nigeria

Blessing Ekanem is a Business Development Associate working with Solar SIster in Nigeria, where she works with local women in Akwa Ebom to bring clean energy solutions and the opportunity to mitigate climate change, to the communities most affected.

Neha Mistra - Delhi, India

Neha Misra is the Co-Founder of Solar Sister, a social enterprise connecting the dots between energy justice, climate justice and women’s rights. The organization is currently supporting women in communities across Nigeria and Tanzania to deliver trusted clean energy access to their doorsteps.