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Mothers of Invention

Feb 26, 2019

In our first minisode, Maeve and our new series producer, Thimali, have a sit in the park to stalk cutie pie dogs and contemplate meat alternatives to pet food for Maeve’s pal, Shadow.


According to a recent study, pet owners have been ‘humanizing’ their pet food choices with top range meats because we only want the best for our fuzzy friends. However, our pets dietary needs aren’t the same as our own, and the impact of meat production on the environment is extremely high. As meat becomes more expensive, all parts of the animal are in greater demand by humans around the world. So are pet owners thinking about it? If so, what are the alternate options they’re looking into today?


Listen in as Maeve and Thimali go rogue on the streets of Manhattan, and discover the outcome of Shadow‘s taste test on our Instagram at @mothersinvent.


Series Producer - Thimali Kodikara

Audio Producer - Anne Pope

Story Researcher - Jaad Asante

Social Media Experts - Aisha Younis & Shahmir Sanni