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Mothers of Invention

Sep 3, 2018

Mary and Maeve learn how all of our access to the very basics - clean air, clean water, livable temperatures - are at risk as well as the mental health implications of the destruction of the natural world. We meet a Black Lives Matter activist who believes that black neighbourhoods would be safer with less police and more trees. We speak to Siwatu Salama-Ra, a prolific environmental justice campaigner currently incarcerated in Detroit, Michigan and we spend time with a Traditional Custodian of the Fitzroy river in western Australia, currently at risk from fracking and industrial developments to consider our spiritual connection with nature.


This week’s mothers of Invention are:

Stella Hartinger - Lima, Peru

Doctor and researcher exploring the global health impacts of climate change and fossil fuel pollution. Contributor to the Lancet Countdown report.

Sarra Tekola - Phoenix, Arizona

Black Lives Matter activist, scientist and academic working on a PhD in Sustainability at Arizona State University. Co-founder of Women of Color Speak Out.


Siwatu Salama-Ra - Detroit, Michigan

Climate justice activist. Co-Director of the East Michigan Environmental Action Council, building community power through environmental justice education, youth development, and collaborative relationship building. Learn about the campaign to free her from prison at

Anne Poehlina - Kimberley, Western Australia

Nyikina Warrwa Traditional Custodian and academic working to promote new economy opportunities and green collar jobs for Indigenous people.


News clip from Democracy Now! Amy Goodman: On This Earth Day, Demand Freedom for Siwatu-Salama Ra

Radio news clip, story from Sarah Cwiek on Michigan Radio (NPR)