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Mothers of Invention

Jul 22, 2018


Mary and Maeve are laying down the law. Three years ago, 886 ordinary Dutch citizens sued their government over climate change... and won. Tessa Khan, a Bangladeshi-Australian lawyer is in the studio to talk new legal strategies for climate action. Her organisation is currently helping to sue not one, but six governments around the world for failing to protect their citizens and across the US, it’s the next generation who are rising to take Trump to court.

This week’s Mothers of Invention are:

Tessa Khan (Australia)

International human rights lawyer helping citizens take their governments to court over climate change.


Marjan Minnesma  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Director of Urgenda, Driving force behind the world's first climate liability lawsuit, and its historic victory.


Our Children’s Trust Plaintiffs  (USA, India and across the world)

Kelsey Juliana, Victoria Barrett and Ridhima Pandey: young people suing their governments to protect their future.

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